Zhang guolao, one of the eight immortals are indifferent to fame and wealth, like to travel everywhere, lead a happy-go-lucky life.

The tang dynasty, he in zhongtiao mountains reclusive HKUE ENG, often rode a white horse donkey to travel around, don’t look down upon this ass! He can run thousands of miles a day! Faster than the horse. And the rest of the time, he would spell donkey into a piece of paper, then folded up and put in my pocket, when needed, as long as you take out your paper, huff, went into a donkey.

Emperor taizong and the emperor, and heard zhang The Beauty guolao, had sent messengers to find zhang guolao, want immortality, but zhang guolao all avoid don’t meet.

Later, wu zetian is sent for zhang guolao mountain, finally, zhang guolao angel can’t help but cry, had to allow. But on the way he die of sudden death, when the weather was very hot, the body will soon rot off, angel can’t, had to back to Beijing elyze price to report after wu said zhang guolao was dead, after wu had to find another other methods, in order to live forever.

In fact, zhang guolao is not dead, just can’t stand the court to disturb, had to pretend to be dead.

Over the years, zhang guolao and ride on white asses, travel around, was found, so zhang guolao didn’t the news of the death and spread all over the world. Li know, special messengers Fiji well, to request zhang guolao mountain. Zhang guolao necessity and heavy the trick, but it was the Fijian well aware, Fiji well immediately incense hour, sincerely for tao hua xuanzong sincerely. Zhang guolao a look at this method doesn’t work, have to resurrection, but still refused to go into his palace.


Xuan zong know, again send a high official positions messengers to zhang guolao, and himself bathed fasting, to zhang guolao can know his heart. Zhang guolao finally moved by the sincerity of xuanzong spent, agree to down the mountain.

Xuan zong is curious about zhang guolao, once asked his age, zhang guolao smiled and said: “I was born in the emperor yao time, is a former emperor yao shi, you guess how old I am?”

Xuan zong are also calculate, for thousands of years old, but his body is still fit, let the envy of xuanzong spent.


When a warlock can seeing ghosts, people called him a luminous. Xuan zong asked him to see zhang guolao, to understand the behavior of zhang guolao, but noctilucent division for a long time, even invisible Zhang Guo an old woman in where.

Zhang guolao has actually is a man without soul and spirit, the soul would have detached the body.

Xuanzong spent more curious, want to personally give it a try. He had heard that there is a bitter jin juice, drink and can not die, is the true god. He was given to zhang guolao drinking, as a result, zhang guolao even drink three cups, then lay down to sleep, wake up, a look in the mirror, open your mouth, unexpectedly found teeth have turned black, so he knocked out all of the teeth, in a post on the medicine, soon, and grow new teeth, full health and more white than before.


Xuan zong believe that he is the true gods, for his green light eloth, doctor and given Mr Tong xuan.

Zhang guolao despite xuan zong of courtesy, but he is, after all, the fairy people, like free life, and xuan zong and three transgressions twice for the investigation, he was not happy, so he rest xuan zong back to the mountain.

Tianbao early, zhang guolao suddenly sudden death, by his disciple put him into the coffin, sent to the national capital, xuan zong was very sad, want to see him one last time, and open the lid, body unexpectedly disappeared, apparently he has resin XieXian, wandering.